Feature request: per-instance feature skipping

I’d find it very useful if I could tell Glyphs that in certain instances, certain open type features should be ignored. Perhaps as a custom parameter?

“Remove Features” is it.

Does that work now? I do not see it in the scrolling list of New Properties in the custom parameters box, and typing it in doesn’t seem to remove the feature.

No, it will work in the next version.

Great, thanks Georg. I’m so appreciative of your active development of this application.

Glyphs 1.3.23 (500)

Possible bug: It seems that “Remove Features” custom parameter may not remove classes. I had some manually defined classes, but removed the glyphs specified in those classes and need to remove the classes.

Neither of the following removed the “@classname” class:

Remove Features: cpsp, classname
Remove Features: cpsp, @classname

The cpsp feature was properly removed. After export failure with the pop-up window indicating that those glyphs don’t exist in @classname, the features file in the Temp area shows that cpsp was gone, but that @classname still existed.

removing classes is currently not supported. Will add that.

Thanks, Georg! I assume you’ll want to do the same for Prefixes, also, if not already supported.

I’ll do a one-off workaround for this particular client, in the meanwhile.

if you use automatically generated features, they are updated after the features glyphs are removed.