Feature request: Pixel palette tool

Recently I upgraded from Glyphs Mini to Glyphs 3, and now I’m looking through the different plugins, features and scripts I can use for different ideas.

One of the ideas is to use components and/or the pixel tool to emulate the FontStruct workflow in Glyphs, especially since I would like to avoid FontStruct due to their licensing rules and that it’s just much easier to be able to stick to as few applications as necessary if they do the job well.

One thing I’ve wanted to do for a while is the ability to use the pixel tool, but to be able to switch between pixel components when drawing with this tool, that way I could have one pixel component that’s basically just a square, another could be a quarter circle, another could be an inverse quarter circle, etc. just like with FontStruct.

Is there a plugin that solves this problem, or some workflow using layers that could emulate this process? I feel fairly confident that this feature wouldn’t be that difficult to implement. You would need a simple GUI in the form of a “components”, “bricks” or “pixel” dialog window for selecting the pixel component while in pixel drawing mode and some code to listen for every component glyph prefixed with “pixel.” to show this in the dialog window.

If they are named with different dot suffixes, selected pixel components can be (batch) switched by clicking on their name in the selection info.

Otherwise, that’s a task for a plug-in.

The Glyphs panel is halfway what you need. You can filter for the pixels and double click them to add them to the current glyph. Then drag it where you need it. And then duplicate it by option dragging an existing component. Not ideal, yet, I know.