Feature request: previous and next glyph ignore component glyphs

I often audit outlines, spacing, and kerning by proceeding through a font in the edit window one glyph at a time. When doing this I usually don’t need to see glyphs that are only built from components. For example, I might just be checking all of the serifs, or adjusting anchors, or kerning a series of glyphs set between control glyphs.

Doing this in a font with lots of characters built only from components wastes a lot of time. It would be nice if there was a way to skip to the next glyph that contains outlines. Shift+pageup/pagedown and (shift+fn+ on laptops) would be an easy way to implement this.

You can do this already.

  1. Set up a smart filter in Font view.
  2. In Edit view, Shift-Home/End or Shift+fn+left/right

This switches to the next glyph in Font view, not the next one in the font.

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