Feature request: Python macro triggered on File Save

In FL, I totally love (and depend on) Adam’s script that saves a copy of the current file (in a system-wide back-up folder) whenever the font is saved. This has saved my life several times and it is nice to have an overview of what you worked on when (I even use it as a time tracker). In Glyphs, I had several occasions when I lost things I worked on and I could easily have restore it with the above system.

So, my request would be to trigger a python script whenever the user saves, the same way it works in FL.

Shouldn’t be too difficult?


This is what TimeMachine is supposed to solve.

I will have a look if I can find a proper way to do that.

This is what TimeMachine is supposed to solve.

• I cannot set up Time Machine to backup more frequently than once per hour.

• Time Machine removes hourly backups after a day.

• I do not want hourly backups for every file on my computer.

• Time Machine does not give me an overview of all font backups, convenient in one place.

This is not a task that can be solved with Time Machine.

Versions does all of that, though. I think Georg meant that when he said Time Machine.

Georg advised me to disable Versions as the very first thing after installing Glyphs.

I disabled it as well. But I believe the reason for caution is gone in the meantime. Perhaps a good time to try again?

The reason one might disable it is still there. With Versions enabled, you can open a file and just look at it without accidentally changing something. If you disable it, you are asked if you like the save the changes…