Feature request: Repeating font info parameters

Is it currently possible to get a parameter from another parameter?

Example: In Font Info I have the parameters Family Name, Manufacturer and Trademark.
Family Name: Example Sans
Manufacturer: ABC
Trademark: Example Sans is a trademark of ABC.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the last row was this but with the same result:
Trademark: {{family-name}} is a trademark of {{manufacturer}}.

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Try it with three {{{ :wink:

Trademark: {{{familyName}}} is a trademark of {{{manufacturers}}}

The keys to use are the same as used in the file. We need to document that and make it more accessible in the UI


I suspected you’d already thought about this! Thanks for the response!

I discovered that I also can find out the keys by copying the parameter and pasting into a text editor. Example:

    exports = 1;
    name = "Bold Italic";
    postscriptFontName = "{{{familyName}}} {{{name}}}";
    weightClassValue = 700;
    widthClassValue = 5;

Under Font Info > Export, is it possible to write something like {{{weight}}} or {{{weightClass}}} into the name parameter? I e, to get Bold if the weightClassValue=700.

(I tried with {{{weightClassValue}}} but suspect this will return 700. Also with my current setup it gets stuck when exporting the font–maybe too many references.)

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It is still a pretty experimental feature. Cannot expect everything to work yet. Mixing number and string values may be the problem at hand in this case, but I am just guessing.

If you find a setup that doesn’t work, can you send me the file for testing?