Feature request: Selection tools

When working with textured fonts (with many points), I’ve been finding it very difficult and tedious in certain situations to get the correct—and only the correct points selected. I’ve had a few ideas about how this task could be made better:

A lasso selection tool would be great for selecting objects or parts of a contour that do not lend themselves to a rectangular marquee.

A way to lock/unlock a contour or selected points so they can’t be selected. This would be nice in situations where you have overlapping contours with many points and you just want to work on one but the other is getting in the way.

A way to group/ungroup contours

A command to select all points in-between two selected points. Also would be nice where a rectangular marquee is not ideal or takes many steps. I imagine this could be in a contextual menu similar to “reconnect nodes”. I realize Glyphs would have no way of knowing which direction around a contour the user wanted selected. The shorter section could be selected by default and if it wasn’t right there could be an inverse function.

You are aware of double clicking to select complete paths?

Yes, but there are times when I don’t want the whole contour. I might just want one side. If I want to select the right side of the diagonal stroke above for example that takes multiple rectangular marquees. Gets old fast. Or with the bottom ‘o’ of the percent above, there are extra contours (because of the rough texture) on the outside that are part of the overall shape but not actually joined with the main contour. It takes multiple double clicks to get the whole thing. now imagine if I could just lasso around the oval shape… done. Or if I could quickly lock the diagonal stroke, I wouldn’t have to worry about unintentionally selecting points I don’t want.

Workaround for now: You can send the contour to the background or cut it into the clipboard.