Feature request: shape subtraction (with components, too)

Searching the forum, I saw that in order to subtract one shape from another, it needed to be done manually. I saw one response that Georg was working on the ability to subtract shapes (with a cool workaround for manually doing it: http://www.glyphsapp.com/forums/index.php?action=vthread&forum=4&topic=1663 )

Since my main purpose for using Glyphs is font icon development, having a feature comparable to Illustrator’s Minus Front in Pathfinder would be a big deal. Especially if it could be done with components.

For instance: a fast forward icon could be made from three copies of the same triangle glyphs, with the middle one knocking a triangle out of the third.

(edited for image problems)

I made some progress but still not ready.

The knockout can be done by using different path directions but that is not showing reliably.

But automatic knock out between components is not on the list yet. Can you give more examples where you would use that?

Speaking of components, I was actually thinking about something similar: White components. Could be useful for stencils.

White components are another thing. They might be possible

Examples of use cases: making the dark circles with space cut out of them in the following image. Also, the cart where there’s a arrow cutout between the arrow and the cart.

example icons

The circle variations can easily be done with components or removing paths, e.g. with the layergeek plugin. You can exchange them at export with a custom parameter. The knockouts in the cart are more difficult.

Are you sure that you can reuse the arrows in all cases. They have to be adapted to the different surroundings. I would suggest to draw each occurrence (e.g. white arrow on black) and then use the hole thing as a component and rotate it. It isn’t much more work but gives more flexibility.