Feature request: shared Info panel


I think it would be very helpful when working in the Info panel of several Glyphs files at the same time, that there wouldn’t open a new Info panel for each Glyphs file, but that you can browse through all Glyphs files that are open at that moment in the same panel.
Makes it a lot easier to copy info from file to file.


We are thinking about it. For now, you can keep the two windows next to each other.

Great! Fingers crossed then.

More like 32…

Why do you have so many files open? …that need sharing of font info, I mean.

Don’t ask…

Well in short: bunch of .otf files, no source files, reverse engineering, change a setting, export again. Just one of those situations where a typical new font project with setting up a neat design space with masters in the same Glyphs file does not apply. :sunglasses:

What about collecting them, one by one, in a single .glyphs file? File > Font Info > Masters > plus menu in bottom left > Add Other Font even allows adding multiple fonts at once.

I’m trying that, but I’m getting style name conflicts. It doesn’t recognise UltraThin or ExtraBlack, so I have two Thin masters and two Black masters. Glyphs also changes naming from SemiBold to DemiBold.

The style name? Or the entry in the weight popup?

The style name that is visible in the sidebar with the list of all masters.
When I choose Insert Instance for each master it creates a conflict.

You can use anything in as a master name. What you need to make sure is that each master has a different value in the “Weight” filed.