Feature request: show all comb components when using non standard anchor

Example: In the typeface I am working on, I added an component which is not default. It is called strokeshortcomb_d for the bar in the dcroat. I added an extra anchor named stroke. When I click on this anchor, I see the cloud of possible components, but not the strokeshortcomb_d (which has _stroke anchor).

Would it be possible to see a cloud with all possible components, when clicking on a non standard anchor ?

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I think about it.

And better name the glyph strokeshortcomb.d. Otherwise it might be confused as a ligature.

Good tip !

In the meanwhile, you could consider creating a custom GlyphData.xml with added anchors and accents attributes for your setup, e.g.,

	<glyph unicode="0064" name="d" category="Letter" subCategory="Lowercase" script="latin" description="LATIN SMALL LETTER D" anchors="top, bottom, center, topright, stroke" accents="caroncomb.alt, strokeshortcomb, macronbelowcomb, strokeshortcomb.d" />
        <glyph name="strokeshortcomb.d" sortName="ac108" category="Mark" subCategory="Nonspacing"  description="COMBINING SHORT STROKE OVERLAY FOR DCROAT" anchors="_center, _stroke" />
Adding the accents detail helps determine what to display in the mark cloud.

If for just this project, put the GlyphData.xml file in the same directory as the `.glyphs` file. For more information, see:
and section `17.4 Changing the Glyph Data` in the Glyphs 2.3 Handbook:

Good tip !