Feature request: Show Rotated angle

I’m not sure what the intended use of Show Rotated in 2.2 is. But I think it would be cool if the rotation angle matched whatever value is in the rotate field of the palette.

@DunwichTypeFounders Do you mean this one? If so, it is not a Glyphs 2.2 built-in plugin. Basically it is intended to give visual feedback on symmetric drawings (e.g. /o and alike). I am planning on implement some options as soon as the UI is implemented for reporter plugins. But I find it a nice idea to reference it to the palette’s set angle. I will se if I can read out this value.

Actually I’ll pass this on to the Glyphs-Crew: Can one read out the values from the transformations palette? I cannot find anything in the documentation, neither by crawling through help() functions.

it is stored in UserDefaults. You can access it with Glyphs.defaults["TransformRotate"]

Oh I did see you already answered. Thank you. I was just about to post that I found the