Feature Request: Smart component master sync

After diving into smart components I realised one little thing that might make lives easier which is not present yet. It could be useful to be able to sync smart component sliders across different master layers in the Smart Glyph Settings. That way using the sliders in one master would automagically adjust that setting in every synced master.
Another more flexible option could be to have a Enable Master sync checkbox in the Smart component settings window.

I am aware it would not work in every scenario, that’s why it should be optional.

What do you guys think?

I see the point. Automatically doing it is a bit dangerous. But I try to find a way to sync in easier.

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Being able to reorder the properties would also be great :wink:

After giving it a bit more thought, it would be best to have a Sync Masters checkbox in the Smart component settings window next to every slider, imho.

I suspect that might be risky !
As not all usage of components is adjusted by anchors … there are cases where components are combined with paths in certain glyphs.

I think the actual behaviour should stay as before + the checkbox for those who want to use it. The way I set up my components and anchors, I have to change the smart parameters twice (light and bold masters) to exactly the same value every single time.