Feature Request: The ability to disable automatic alignment on components when it's ordinarily not possible

When automatic alignment is turned on in a project, components automatically get aligned automatically when added. This isn’t the issue however.

When you have a glyph with multiple parts, both components and regular glyph segments, some issues can occur when you wish to reuse parts of it in other glyphs.

If you copy all the parts over but remove the regular segments, the components readjust themselves to be automatically aligned.

The main problem lies with the fact that components can’t have their automatic alignment value changed if either another component already exists in the glyph with automatic alignment disabled or a non-component segment exists in the glyph.

What I would like to see is the ability to disable automatic alignment for glyph components that you ordinarily wouldn’t be able to modify. This would let me simply deactivate the alignment for the components that causes problems, instead of building the glyph manually once more.

This is an issue that crops up again and again, and takes a lot of time to fix manually.


I change this as you suggested.

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