Feature Request: The ability to turn off the names off glyphs in view mode when zoomed in

When you are in view mode under the grid option, every glyph has a name under its preview image. When you use the size slider to turn the glyph squares down to a certain size their names disappear due to their small size.

What I would like to see would be an option to temporarily turn off names when zoomed in, in view mode.

We are looking into this.


I added an option to change the threshold when the names are hidden. So setting that to a very high number, it will always be hidden.
It can be set by this script (e.g. in the Macro window):

Glyphs.defaults["GSFontViewSmallestNameHeight"] = 2000

Thanks, that sounds like it’ll work perfectly.

It is also listed in mekkablue script App > Set Hidden App Preferences.