Feature requests for Sample Strings in G3

I really like the G3 ability to group sample strings into categories. As I’ve been transferring and organizing, there are few features that I would like to request:

• Ability to reorder sample string categories by dragging
• More space to the category name column with the ability to resize (both in preference window and selection window views)
• Ability to undo if a sample string is deleted
• The ‘Default’ button should have some sort of warning dialogue box
• Ability to export (and import?) samples strings organized by categories

Is there a way to add comments or add space in the sample texts that can help break up the text visually (in the preference window) but not affect how it will be presented once selected in edit view?

Something along the lines of:
#Uppercase (comment not visible)
#Lowercase (comment not visible)

Or, maybe empty lines are simply skipped over when selecting
(empty line is not selectable)

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Also, not a feature but a bit of an oddity. There is a serif/sans-serif difference of the sample string text when accessed from the preference menu vs. the selection menu.

I don’t have that:


Which macOS version are you running?

Maybe you added an character that was not support by the system font that triggered a fallback font?

I’m still on Mojave

I notice this happens when I add Armenian then change keyboards to type in English but for this I haven’t touched any of the default Latin, Punctuation, Figures sample strings.

This doesn’t bother me too much. My main concern is being able to reorder the categories by dragging and also having more space in the category panel so it doesn’t truncate.

Is it possible to have in the Sample Strings window:

  1. the categories panel be wider and resizeable?
  2. ability to reorder categories by drag and drop?


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Is there an easy way to export the sample strings to a new computer?

You can export the sample strings like this:


copy paste the result and put it in a file. Call it “sampleTexts.plist”.

Then run this on the other computer:

sampleTexts = NSArray.arrayWithContentsOfFile_("path/To/sampleTexts.plist")
Glyphs.defaults["SampleTextsList"] = sampleTexts
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<macro panel>", line 1
NameError: name 'NSArray' is not defined

Add this line before:

from Foundation import NSArray
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worked! thanks