Feature suggestion: 2x click on letter in Preview goes there

It would be intuitive and useful if, when the user double-clicks on a letter in the preview panel, the editing panel would pan to that letter and activate it in Select mode.

This was requested several times. it seems I really have to do it :wink:

I keep trying to do it even though it isn’t a feature!

So do I!

Me too. My finger keeps double-clicking even though my brain knows it won’t work. Georg, please implement this!

and the ability to drag the line of text if it’s longer as the preview window iself was also requested several times i think. this would be nice, since i often tend to have it really small to see the whole text.
i am not sure though if this would be really useful for other people.

@eliason @TimAhrens @DTF http://glyphsapp.com/bugreport/view.php?id=78
@Mark It would: http://glyphsapp.com/bugreport/view.php?id=79

In my crystal ball, I can see a list of new features in version 1.3.8. :wink: