Feature suggestion: An option not to snap handles to the grid

In some cases it might be useful to snap an outline to the grid while preserving the curvature.

An option to round coordinates of points but leave out handles could be a checkbox next to the Grid Spacing setting.

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I will think about it.

I second this request!

I also think this would be useful.

Maybe the behaviour could be that only diagonal handles are not snapped. That would be my ideal solution.

would be great!

can you send me some .glyphs files or screenshots with examples where it would help?

For me, the idea is:

(a) I prefer to work in lower UPMs, usually 250 UPM or 500 UPM for the design process. This helps me focus on the design and avoid senseless detail fiddling (Trust me, I have enough experience in digital type design, I know that I am doing).

(b) In narrow counters, such as extrabold or condensed masters, the resolution (while being enough for expressing the design) is too coarse for diagonal (especially smooth) handles. I sometimes end up playing around finding a combination that gives a smooth kink-free connection because of this, and fiddling around with details is just what I wanted to avoid in the first place. Real-valued BCP coordinates for diagonal smooth handles would solve the problem and allow me to focus on the design.

instead of useing a smaller ump you could use a raster with a subdivider. eg. a UPM of 1000 and a grid of 4. This gives you the exact same behavior than you have now. If you then set the subdivider to 4, you have get a unit grid but with grid lines so you know where to place the oncurve points.

You mean, placing the oncurve points manually on the main grid? That would mean even more of my energy wasted on the exact placement of points. My overall aim is to focus on the design, not on setting the points. There is no value in itself placing the nodes on a coarser grid than the BCPs, the whole point of this endeavour is to create a working enviroment that helps me work efficiently.

Ok, after I place a shape into the app from Illustrator, it warps every time I try to move it and/or scale it. Is there a work-around for this?

In font info, set the grid step to 0.