Feature suggestion: anchor-component binding


I thought it would be nice to have an ability to bind the component’s (like serif) origin point or an origin anchor to a glyph’s node. So when we move that point, the component follows it.

It would be very useful when scaling glyphs.


This can’t be done automatically, but if you select the node and the component and hit cmd+shift+A the component is aligned to the node. And the position of the component should be scaled with the path…

Perhaps this helps: If you want to select all nodes plus the anchors, press cmd+A twice.

Thanks. Yes, I know these commands and I use them heavily.

What if there was a command that would align all components to their nodes? Just like Align Selection?

Here’s the situation. Rescaled glyph H with serifs requires this procedure to be repeated eight times:

  1. select a node
  2. select a serif component
  3. hit cmd+shift+A

Time consuming… If components were bound to nodes it would be just hit a shortcut.

What do You think about it?

How do you scale the glyph?

with RMX plugin.

But that should keep the positioning of the components intact. Can you make a screen recording what you do and the font you used?

It should but sometimes it doesn’t. Here’s screencast

I understand.

Keeping track of nodes it not easy. I managed to do it for hints but it breaks quite easily.

I will think about it.

Thanks, Georg.