Feature suggestion: Change colour of background

I design on inverse mode to make it more comfortable for my eyes – I imagine many designers also do too – but the colour of the background line is a little too dark, would it be possible to implement a feature to select the colour ourselves?


I also think this could be a nice feature, also for designing for differend ‘papier’-colors.

You could write a simple .glyphsReporter plugin with two lines in the drawBackgroundForLayer_() method: one that sets the color you want, the other simply Layer.background.bezierPath().fill()

Find templates and documentation at https://GitHub.com/schriftgestalt/GlyphsSDK

Ignore my suggestions. I forgot that, in Glyphs2, this is part of the app preferences.

Too many nice things in g2 to figure out :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll try this. But:

Is just drawing the fill of the outlines right? What I would like to do is change the colour of the outlines in the background layer. Is this still possible? Glyphs 2 only lets the user change the background board colour.

Use stroke() instead of fill()