Feature suggestion: change Paste Special options

Right now there is a radio button to select one of these three options in the Paste Special menu:
‘Overwrite glyphs with the same name’
‘Overwrite selected glyphs’
'Only replace active layer’
I wish instead that there were a radio button for the first two options (since they are indeed contradictory) and then a checkbox for “Only replace active layer.” This would facilitate an option that isn’t now present, i.e. overwriting same-name glyphs in the active layer only, which I have wanted to do on several occasions.

I also have the feeling this could be improved and clarified. In a way, aren’t radio buttons slightly inappropriate anyway? To me, it seems like the combination of several yes/no decitions, i.e. checkboxes would be more appropriate to define which behaviour I want. For example, What if I want to overwrite glyphs with the same name and only replace active layer?

Btw, I always found Fontlab’s many options in Paste Sepcial highly useful. I think I used each of them at least once. Wouldn’t mind if Glyphs adopted a few of them (although I know you don’t want to copy Fontlab).

I second that

Finally the Paste Special command (V. 2) has much better choices !

A welcome improvement, thanks!