Feature suggestion: disable color label in font view

Hi all,

I have a suggestion - I often use the font view for QA while working on multiple masters - it’s easy to spot alignment issues etc. It would be very helpful if it was possible to disable the label color view in the font view temporarily (like in view menu or sth?) Would that be possible to add? How would everyone feel about that? Or is that something that would be fairly easy to code in on your own? Haven’t done much scripting or plugin coding but maybe I would try if it’s not a complex feature to add.

That would not be possible with a script. I’ll think about a way to disable it. The problem is that people might trigger that setting incidentally and then wonder why the labels are broken.

I know what you mean but maybe it could be a button “on/off” thing? or a line in view - I think from a UX point of view that would be the first place to look for it if it disappeared (at least what I would do I guess :smiley:)

No, it should be a ‘secret setting’ like GSEditViewDarkMode

Exactly - that’s perfect - the above command can be turned into a script and then bound to a shortcut (only if someone wants to :slight_smile:).

like this one:

flag = Glyphs.boolDefaults["GSEditViewDarkMode"]
if flag is False:
    Glyphs.boolDefaults["GSEditViewDarkMode"] = True
else :
    Glyphs.boolDefaults["GSEditViewDarkMode"] = False

Or even shorter:

Glyphs.boolDefaults["GSEditViewDarkMode"] = not Glyphs.boolDefaults["GSEditViewDarkMode"]

so any chances for this as a scripted feature? :slight_smile:

That will be available in a future version of Glyphs.