Feature suggestion: disable PUA on export

PUA encoding alternate Glyphs is necessary for accessing Glyphs in some low end software used by amateurs. PUA encoding alternate glyphs to make fonts accessible to amateur users is creeping toward standard behavior. But that causes problems for pro users who might want to play with a headline in numerous fonts before choosing one. It would be easier to support both sets of users by generating PUA and non-PUA fonts from a single Glyphs file by disabling PUA encodings during export. How about a checkbox for disabling PUA encoding in the export menu?

A checkbox in the export dialog is not a good idea. You can use a Reencode Glyphs custom parameter. I need to check if it can handle empty Unicodes.

edit: I just tried and it works.

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Wouldn’t a custom parameter still require me to have two files, one with the custom parameter and one without? Because multiple files is what I want to avoid. What I would like to do is have one file with PUA values assigned and be able to export it with the PUA values stripped out. This would make it easy to provide PUA and non-PUA fonts for both professionals and amateurs while only having to maintain a single working file as the typeface is updated after being released.

You would still do it within one .glyphs file. You’d just have another Instance defined with the custom parameters for that instance set but not set in the other instance. Hope that makes sense.

Yes, or if you have a lot instances already, you can use a project file.