Feature suggestion: interpolate groups of glyphs differently than others

I’m relatively new to Glyphs, so this may already exist, but here goes.

The problem:

When designing a Black weight, a lot of glyphs (such as fractions, percent, and other fiddly symbols) become very dark, so I make them as dark as possible while maintaining some degree of legibility. As a result, I often want to use the same outlines in the extrabold/bold as in the black. Currently, I can fix that with the brace approach, but I have to manually go through all denominators and numerators, and make sure the spacing and kerning in my ‘intermediate’ layer is correct.

The simple solution:

What if I could just draw an interpolation line that moves diagonally upward from the regular to the bold, and then horizontally from the bold to the black (to clarify: a ‘normal’ interpolation line would go diagonally all the way). Then, I could simply choose to apply this line to any number of glyphs. So basically, it just allows to interpolate some glyphs along a different ‘line’ then others.

Hope this make sense. Cheers!

The latest betas have a local interpolation parameter. Using include: you can specify which glyphs are effected.

Similar effects can be achieved with a Brace layer.

Thanks! The brace layer is what I was using but it seemed inefficient and prone to mistakes. I found the local interpolation parameter, but how do I use it?

Just enter the interpolation values, comma-separated. I think it is already documented in the handbook. E.g., 130;include:g will interpolate g at Weight=130, 120,90,0;include:g,s will interpolate g and s at Weight=120, Width=90, and Custom=0.

Got it! Thanks :slight_smile: