Feature Suggestion: master and instance folders

It would be convenient to group masters and instances in folders with custom parameters at the folder level. For example, in a typeface with multiple widths each width could be grouped into a folder with the family name parameter at the group, rather than instance, level. This would also be use for generating subset versions of fonts for trials or web fonts—group instances into folders, duplicate the folder, change the family name and keep glyphs parameters at the folder level.

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I think that having this structure, you should be able to overwrite the parameters set in the folder in the instance level.

What would be the advantage over .glyphsproject files?

Maybe I should start a new thread, but I actually had a situation where I found that for some reason a .glyphsproject file extrapolates a MM differently than the .glyphs file. It’s for testing-around purposes, so not a big deal, but it’s very weird.
Other than that .glyphsproject is a brilliant way to handle things.

If you have a case where the result is different, can you send me the files?

I’ve thought about this some more and it probably wouldn’t have advantages over project files. Sorry.

I’d definitely appreciate the possibility to group instances in any way in the font info pallet. It would not need to affect the parameters in any way. Just some sort of grouping…

Could this be implemented?

How many linstances do you have? And did you try project files?

around 80

I’ve looked into it but it does not really give me a better oversight, I find…

The point of the project it that you can have one for each feature/group.

and then export each subset separately…

projects are an option, but I find that it only shifts the problem and does n0t really solve it. I find some sort of grouping, in any form, would definitively help. The grouping doesn’t need to have any global options, just a sorting tool, like grouping files in adobe bridge…

I think the problem with using features files for every feature or group is that then users just end up with a working directory cluttered with lots of projects files, and projects files are hard to work with. Georg, I’ve just sent you my suggested UI for making projects files easier to work with. It reimagines projects as a way to manage lots of instances in a simple GUI, without cluttering the main app or creating additional .glyphs files.

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