Feature Suggestion – Max. zoom factor in glyphs overview

Hi! Is it possible to increase the maximum zoom factor in the font overview?
I‘ve got a new bigger display and I feel that (in my case) 16 glyphs in one line are to many to have a good overview.

Thank you!

We’ll consider it. Have you tried List View (click the icon with the four horizontal lines in the top left of the window).

Yes, I know the list view. But what I ask for is an option to review the actual glyph designs with less glyphs in one line. The current highest zoom factor results in 16 glyphs in one line (on my computer display). I ask for an option to decrease the number of glyphs in one line.

The maximum icon size in Grid View that you can select with the slider is 128. But, there is a hidden option to set larger icon sizes. Open the Macro Panel (WindowMacro Panel) and run the following line of code:

Glyphs.defaults["glyphIconCollectionSize"] = 250

Instead of 250 you can pick any other number like 200 or 300. You need to close the font window and open the font again for the icon size to update.

Hmm, that seem not to work. Whenever I hit the execute-button nothing changes. No changes in the icon size whether I reopen the file or restart the app.

I just remembered that the icon size setting is stored per file, so chaining the global setting only affects new files, not existing files.

Here is a somewhat hacky solution to change the size in an existing file:


That works!

Well, maybe there will be a less “hacky” solution in future versions :+1:. It would be very appreciated.

Thank you very much for your help!