Feature suggestion: Multi-character placeholders

Wouldn’t it be cool if placeholders were capable of impersonating a selected two- or three-character string rather than just deactivating themselves when more than one character is selected? That would make it easier for us to test kerning pairs such as AV in context.

I guess there would have to be a limit to two or three letters to avoid accidentally blowing up the screen with a «Select All». :grin:

I’d like the idea of two, if it could work simply with the glyphs on either side of the current cursor position.

You’d need a dedicated (different) placeholder for that, though. My suggestion would work with the existing placeholder and fill a functional gap that is currently going unused.

This would be a job for
(a) good Sample Strings. You can use /Placeholder as an escape for the placeholder.
Or (b) a python script.

For this, have you tried Kernkraft already? It is supposed to help you with exactly this: See kerning pairs in context (without the need of saving/handling lots of sample strings or lists).

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