Feature suggestion: prev/next glyph in all windows

Rainer’s new “Show Italic” script gave me an idea for a feature that would be useful on El Capitan. In El Capitan users can split the screen between two apps. Right now I’m using this to split between Roman and Italics of a family and it’s great. But I have to keep jumping between the two Glyphs windows to go previous/next in both. How about opt+home/end to do prev/next in all open windows?

That will only make sense if all files have the same amount and order of glyphs. Better a script to sync all front tabs.

I’m trying to write this but I cannot find a way to get and set the text size of the edit view. I thought print thisTab.sizeTextField() would print it, but no luck. Can anyone help?

myScale = thisTab.graphicView().scale()


What/where is the “Show Italic” script?

It actually is a plugin, not a script:

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New Script is added to my Github repository: Sync Edit View.
It takes the content of the frontmost font and applies to all other fonts.

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