Feature suggestion: revert all letters in preview to master layer

Hey guys.

Would it be possible for all letters in preview to revert to the master layer if you either click twice on the master button or use the shortcut (cmd+number) twice in a row? If you have any other layer than the master selected switching between masters doesn’t affect this one and it does make sense. It would be just faster if there was a shortcut to revert everything to the master layer.


Sounds like the job for a script:

currentTab = Glyphs.font.currentTab
currentTab.text = currentTab.text

It takes the text of the current tab as a str and sets the text of the crest tab to that string. Since no master information is transported in a str, it has to default to the current master.

It does work fine. I just realised that it can also be done by selecting all and choosing the equivalent master layer from the layers palette. You can delete the post.