Feature suggestion search tool

It would be a great help if the search dialog allowed more precise results, eg. typing in “o” only shows all glyphs beginning with “o”

And some more options would be great:
• searching within LSB, RSB or kerning list
eg. LSB contains “o” shows all glyphs contected to the “o”

Best wishes, Georg

this is a good idea. Will see when I can implement this.

BTW custom filters could have an option to mach all/any conditions like smart mailboxes in Mail

A workaround until it is implemented: You can sort glyphs by their LSB, RSB etc. in list view. That’s what I use in cases like this.


try pressing “alt”: the “+” changes

Hi mekkablue!

Yes I know. But glyphs eg. in LSB are sorted by their actual widht, so you find icircumflex somewhere above the i