Feature suggestion: show implied zone/stem when hint set to “auto”

Now that zone filtering is possible, I have setup different zones for my ascenders, parenthesis, etc., as they vary in height across masters. As you would expect, these zones are very close to each other and sometimes overlap [1]. It would be very helpful to know which zone will be used when leaving an anchor set to “auto” [2]. The same is valid for stems.


[1] It is my understanding that TTF instructions allow for overlapping zones. I still need to filter out the conflicting zones that I don’t want applied to a specific glyph so the auto would work, right?

[2] Let’s say I set an anchor to auto. Does it mean that (a) the same zone will be used across all instances or (b) Glyphs will try to use the best zone possible for each instance, which might result in the same point being snapped to different zones on Regular and Bold?

One last thing. When editing the TTFZones and TTFStems parameters I always need to go back and forth measuring stuff and filling out the values. These dialogs block the whole app, so I write the values on paper to save some clicking. It would be nice if I could leave it open while I take the measurements on the Edit View.