Feature suggestion: spacebar during filter dialog

When trying out values in a Filter dialog (such as radius of rounded corners, or distance of offset curve), I like that I can still use the spacebar to see a preview of what that setting will look like. But I find that hitting the spacebar also enters a space into that current text box for the setting. Would it be possible to have the spacebar only call up the preview and not be considered entering text in such situations?

You can do that but you have to click the background of the dialog first.

I figured that out, but I’m still hoping I could have a quicker back and forth between keying in (or up or down) a value, and checking it with space, without having to touch the mouse. Nearly every time I use those filters I am trying out values, previewing, and repeating, so a smooth and quick way would be valuable.

By the way, I tried to tab off of the entry box but it didn’t shift the focus. Should it?

What I do for this purpose: I type the letter I work on twice, once for editing, once for viewing. Or better yet, a word where the letter appears twice, like ‘else’ for an e. It’s more natural, I think.

That’s very helpful, thanks mekkablue. The live previewing is just great.

Related: I confess I still keep annoying myself by pressing spacebar when fields in the Info panel have focus and inadvertently typing spaces instead of getting the preview. For example, to change the scaling of a corner component, I’ll click on that field and then use shift-up and -down and up and down to change the percentage value, then space to see the results filled in, but instead I get “11 0%” in the field. It’s because I’m not actually typing letters but using those arrow shortcuts that my brain doesn’t switch over into “typing mode”.
If none of these fields actually would ever include a space character, I would find it useful to have the app interpret spacebar as show preview if that’s possible.

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+1. Always typing “11 0%” here too :slight_smile:

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Is there a place where the space input it needed? Otherwise I have implemented it now.


I guess we’ll see :wink: Thanks Georg.

Annotations. It seems there is a conflict with the space input on 963.