Feature suggestion! tab spaces

Hi George, feature suggestion!
Maybe add in the dimensions panel where you set the width of the steams, the middle bar of the t, etc etc a little spot to put the tabular figures width, so once you imput a value there the tab figures automatically get that width and you don t have to worry about that detail anymore

good job with the app. Hugs

That is a task for a Python script.
You can batch-set the width for multiple glyphs as well.

Just to clarify, that Dimensions panel isn’t for setting those measurements, but rather just for noting them.
I do think tabular figure width would be a useful key dimension to include there.

Ah I see, got that wrong. Thx for clarifying.

Well no, you got it right. But I m just saying that a spot to put that and “lock it” could be useful. Of course we could use python sripting to do it but if you use composites that update the metrics and you forgot to unlock the metric thing your tab figures mght get ruined and you need to back to then eventually.

Since you can lock and unlock kerning groups why not offering a spot to set and quickly change and then lock tab widths? I think the tab width is quite important and repeated data through a font: tab figures, tosf, math symbols, table glyphs, etc etc etc. As long as I know GLyphs do not provide with any specific tool to control that other than the transformation too. Of course you can do it with other ways but they are not better than what I m suggesting.


I have a partial solution for that implemented in an upcoming version of Glyphs...