Feature suggestion: Turn closed paths into masks

I’m missing a way to mask parts of a glyph to refine the shape of that glyph like we’ve done it in the old days with opaque white on paper. But the difference would be, that the refinement is not destructive or permanently applied to the glyph. It would be just for preview purposes.
My suggestion is to add the ability to turn any closed path into a mask (for instance via a new context menu point “Turn path into mask”). You may now drag those closed paths around to cover parts of a glyph you want to hide.
You may see those masks when editing a glyph but you won’t see it in the preview mode.
I’ve made a mockup picture to show the effect: I could move the (light pink) masks around to determine the length of the S endings.

Or maybe there’s a script for it? : )


In the latest betas of 2.3, you can have negative open corners. Select the two end nodes, and choose Open Corner from the context menu. I believe this a better solution because open corners travel with the path when you move the whole contour.

Thanks, Mekkablue. Works good in the beta version if you don’t move the handles of the negative open corners too far. If you are moving them zu far from their original position, the “invisible” paths become visible.

However, I’m looking forward to find negative open corners in future glyph versions. Thanks again!

since that time is there a solution for doing it that way ? with mask ? Because it possible on other type programmes and very helpfull. To copy and past the mask on other letter (way that you finish letter for exemple) like that you can easely change and do modifications without destroying your base type.
I’am doign a stencil typeface and it wil be a great time saving do have that solution.

You mean something like a ‘white component’ to place over your outlines?

yes something like that

Currently, there is nothing like that implemented. We are discussing it internally for a future version, which will be too late for your project now, I am afraid.

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