Feature Suggestion: Vertical Shear

I will use the hell out of such a feature. Currently only horizontal shear/slanting is possible, but vertical will be most welcome when working on some tricky curves.


I would also find this a handy feature. I recently had to work on some catchwords in Illustrator and then import them back to Glyphs because there was no vertical shear option. It would have saved me a day’s work if vertical shear was part of Glyphs – and I am convinced Glyphs would have produced better results too :wink:

I’ll think about it. For now, instead of moving to illustrator, you could rotate the whole thing by 90° and then apply a horizontal shear.

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Could be done with a plugin or script already.
There is an applyTransform() method for GSLayer, GSComponent and GSPath objects.

Yeah, but it makes much more sense to have it as default rather than to switch to another tool.