Feature suggestion: Warn when opening file from future version

I have a .glyphs file that starts,

.appVersion = "848";

This is the latest build for Version 2.3b. I opened this file in the latest stable build (a v2.2.2) and wasn’t aware that the file really needed to be used with a newer version.

Therefore I suggest that, if the glyphs file declares it was saved with build X of glyphsapp, and the user’s build of Glyphs is less than X, some kind of warning or alert is displayed to let users know they will need to upgrade.

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I only added the version in 845 so version 2.2.2 doesn’t know about it. I should have done this a long time ago.

If I open a file in a newer version that was saved in an older version, it would be helpful to have a warning too, if it’s not going to get annoying to have a warning every time a file is opened. The different behaviour between versions is resulting in lots of changes I’d rather not deal with.

I just experienced some not-opening-tabs in a file that was opened in an older version. Even though the DisplayStrings are stored in the .glyphs file. Copying the DisplayStrings entry from another file did not bring the open tabs back. It seems to be somehow related with this version entry. And also with the items in DisplayStrings being with and/or without quotes in either file. Just saying. I guess you are aware of that anyway.

Is there way to read the .appVersion from a file via the Python or Core APIs? I don’t see it in the documentation.

It is not documented and wrapped, yet. But you can get to it like that:

print Font.parent.valueForKey_("importedVersion")