Feature Suggestion

We have a way to add an image as a template but we don’t have a way to delete those linked images, individually or globally, except by going through the font one character at a time, unlocking the image and deleting it.

I would like to suggest that having this capability would be quite useful; once a font is complete, there is no further need for template images to remain.

This is a quite good example where a script might be the right solution.

I agree; perhaps you or Rainer can write one?

Alright, alright. Give me a day or two.

I added a script to github.

@Rainer – I wasn’t in that big of a hurry. :slight_smile:

@Georg – Thanks so much.

Version 1.3.19 (487) OS X 10.8.3

Tried the script, it does not work – no linked images deleted.

These are template images placed using Layers>Add Image, and they are all locked. Unlocking one as a test made no difference.

  1. Select a character cell in main font window;
  2. Run script;
  3. Nothing apparent happened and the image remains.

You are right, sorry. I fixed it. Can you redownload it?

Sure. Thanks Georg.