Feature suggestions

Hey Georg, Rainer —

I just finished a big job using Glyphs and noted down feature ideas / issues that came to mind. I thought I’d share them in their entirety, for good, bad and ugly.

  • Bracketed layers should auto sort to top of the master they belong to, ahead of general layer copies.

  • A third select-all also selects guides as well as anchors.

  • Customisable text-area width per tab.

  • A dropdown triangle In the far right corner of the tabs area for when there are too many.

  • Shift-paste pastes selection to center view.

  • Shift-click-drag selects anchors or guide nodes.

  • Shift-click-drag in text view to more easily select text for transformations, switching master etc.

  • Show distance data when you select a node and a guideline node.

  • Remember print settings per tab.

  • Ability to select multiple sub-layers to delete.

  • Left/right scroll of preview area, notably for 'show all instance’
    where it sometimes overflows

  • Remember layer states in text view when re-opening a file.

  • CMD-O on a node/selection = zoomed focus on it

  • A find text option in text view for large test strings following a print evaluation

  • Option to view the whole text area


Did you try Glyphs 2. They are now with the Master.

Anchors are selected on the second cmd+A. Select all Guides is to dangerous, i think.

How about dedicating a layer for Anchors only !?

I should add all the suggestions were from using G2. I just tested again and a newly made bracketed layer didn’t sort to top.

I get anchors are selected on second. I’m saying why not guides for the third? I personally find anything going wrong with anchors much more dangerous

You mean a Show/Hide anchors option? I (finally) had a good look through the plugin documentation last night - this looks fairly straight forward.