Feature to Evenly Distribute Points

Is there a way to evenly distribute selected points horizontally/vertically like in Illustrator?

Or is there a better way to set up circles?

I am not sure what you mean.
Have you tried the circle tool (F or Shift-F)?

I mean, click 4 points which have unequal distance between them and then distrubute so they have the same distance between them.

This can be done with a script.

Download the scripts from my Github, put them in your Glyphs scripts folder, reload scripts (cmd-opt-shift-Y). Then, select a few nodes and run Script > Paths > Distribute Nodes. You can set a keyboard shortcut in System Preferences.

Thanks mekkablue

Is there a way to evenly distribute objects of a glyph? I have 5 of the same shapes in a glyph and need the spacing between each shape to be equal.

What do you mean by objects? Paths? Best way is probably to add guide (via the context menu) and switch it to measurement mode (select it, click on ruler symbol in grey info box), and then move the paths:

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By objects, I do mean paths. Thanks for the tip, that was helpful. Is there a way to do this automatically? (like Illustrator’s “Vertical Distribute Spacing” action.)

Your tip works great for horizontal distribution, but I also have vertical paths too…

I’m building an icon font with over 2,000 glyphs, so any automation or shortcuts are greatly appreciated!

If it always the same shape, why not use components?

You can double klick the knob of a guide to turn it 90 degrees.

For automation, you can also use Python scripting.

I’m new to glyphs, checked out the component tutorial. Totally gonna do that. Thanks for the tip, figured out how to rotate a guide. Cheers!