Feature wish: variable font range

Hi! It would be great to be able to export a selected range of a variable font. Right now we can only distribute the “full family” variable fonts which can be massive and expensive. And no project really needs the whole range, it’s usually just a small part of it. So both price- and file size-wise having partial v-fonts might be quite useful.

So if Glyphs could auto render the needed masters and get rid of everything else on export, wouldn’t it be good?

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That is on the list. But not too hight I have to admit.


This is partially implemented right now. As you can specify what masters to exclude.

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The FontTools people worked on something like that, but I haven’t tried it myself: https://github.com/fonttools/fonttools/pull/1753

So you could use that to post-process the full variable font from Glyphs.

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