Features + Kerning don't export anymore

3.0.3 (3076)

generated otf doesn’t have features anymore. They are of course compiled and updated etc.
Yesterday they had, so maybe the update has broken something…

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It works fine for me. Can you send me the file?

OTF Export also didn’t export kerning info nor OT Features for me now.
Variable export works fine.

Works fine for me.

Thanks Georg. I just sent you the files.

Hi, Rosalie. There are commas in some of your custom glyph classes, causing the export to fail, although silently. Commas in glyph classes are technically a syntax error, so if you remove those, it should be alright. I’ve fixed it on our part as well, making sure you do get that error next time :slight_smile:

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What a relief ! thank you, I gonna fix this.

I have fraction fever and rvrn custom features that are not automatic and indeed they are causing the export issue for me as well.

Set frac to automatic and deactivated rvrn, exports fine.
With rvrn on, doesn’t export feat/kerning.

Can you send me that file.

And as I said before: You most likely shouldn’t use rvrn as it can’t handle glyphs that are accessed by OpenType features.

Sent earlier today to info@

all rvrn is doing is changing a W from basic to a display version on a certain Opsz treshold. Where else could this code go?

And update: added whatever was in rvrn to another feature (liga) and deactivated rvrn. Exported OTFs came out without kerning anyway. This is the condition I’m writing.

condition 10 < opsz < 24;
sub @W by @W.disp;

Can you send me the .glyphs file? It is probably something else that causing the problem.

Sent to support @ and info @

You have to add a newline after #endif. This is currently required for the #endif marker to work. Otherwise, it is interpreted as a regular # comment causing all remaining feature code (including the kerning code) to be effectively ignored for the non-variable export. (Hint: You should see the syntax highlighting change from # comment to the #endif marker when adding a newline.)

Anyway, we’ll fix this so that you shouldn’t deal with it yourself in the future :slight_smile:

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