Features pane improvements?

Please could the features pane remember the view settings (how big the window was resized, where the horizontal divider was moved)? I have a lot of code for Burmese and to have a good view I’m always having to resize the panel every time.

There’s also a bug when undoing, the panel scrolls back to the top of the feature, which often puts the undoing off the bottom of the panel, so you have to scroll back down to the undo point to see what’s been undone.

A few times, I’ve accidentally had Burmese characters in the OT code, but the features panel doesn’t strip them out, it just leaves them invisible so troubleshooting means having to copy-paste the code into TextMate to see them.

IgnoreMarks and UseFilteringSet turn blue when input, but IgnoreBaseGlyphs does not.

Could the compile error reporting be more specific/accurate? Many times it tells me there’s a glyph not in the font, when it means there’s a missing semicolon or other syntax error.

Related: in the glyphOrder, could Glyphs automatically remove any trailing spaces after glyphs names? When copy-pasting them from the main glyph index, one needs to manually separate glyphs one per line and then check whether there are any spaces (again invisible) by moving the cursor around. Trailing spaces stop the glyph names being recognised in the sort order.

I hear you. But all we can do is refactor the the error message we get from AFDKO. And sometimes it is accurate, and sometimes it is off by one token. So it gives you a hint where to look.

Hopeful bump.

I fixed that just now. Sorry that it took so long. The makeOTF error will take a bit longer.

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Has this also been fixed? It’s quite inconvenient not to see all the characters that are present in the OT code.

I’ll try to fix it.