Features popup is not displayed!?

I have the problem that the Features popup (window?) is not displayed.
I want to test my Stylistic Sets … Btw. when I export my Font the Stylistic Sets works fine in InDesign. But how do I open the test-window?

I run Glyphs Version 1.4.2 (554) on a Mac with Snow Leopard 10.6.8.

You have to compile features first in Font Info window; at the bottom left of the Features tab, you will find the Compile button. Then you can start testing features in the edit view (Features button is at the bottom left of the window).

Hi Tosche,
ouch … I thought there would be an extra window pop-up opened via the Font Info. Ok. Thanks.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to change between the Features? Perhaps there will be one to change between the Previewing Interpolated Instances too?

You can download and install the Glyphs scripts from my GitHub, and set shortcuts for Masters > Show Next/Previous Instance in System Preferences.

between what features do you would like to change?

@mekkablue: thx, I’ll look at it.

@Georg: I would like to change between Stylistic Sets.

(But I’m not sure if it would be possible at all. The click behavior is not like the Interpolated Instances. The sets are switched on and off. Or? (It is understandable what I’m trying to describe?))

This is exactly the problem. And the interaction of features is so different for each font that it does not make much sense to add a "switch" function.