Features preview for Arabic

It seems that the “Features” preview does not work for Arabic.
I cannot see how features apply on the edit window ( when I check rlig, dlig, liga on the “features” buttom)
It works when testing Latin, but not with Arabic. Is it a bug? or am I missing something. Thanks.

Hi Andreu,

Features works for Arabic in preview window. (well It works fine for me)
You have to clic on the RTL button (or the new RTL symbol).

Thanks Sylvain,
But, It doesn’t work for me.
I have Glyphs 1.3.15 (413) on Mac 10.6.8

ok, i use Version 1.3.18 (445) last beta. maybe that’s the reason. i think it started to work at some point…



Not possible since I purchased from App Store. There’s no update by now.
Really disappointing!
Thanks, anyway!

Did you activate RTL?

Yes, I did. I’m working on Arabic.

Works fine with last beta. Thanks!

Applying OT features on Apple OS Sierra
Works fine with the bundled Apple Arabic fonts on: Pages/Keynote/iMovie;
Contrary I am unable to activate it on my fonts ! where the same fonts collection work perfectly on Adobe CC;
Wondering if there are extra definitions should be made on Glyphs files before generating the fonts!?

One more update;
It works with Alternative Stylistic Sets
But non of the Alternates: 1,2,3 …

The system fonts are most likely AAT and not OpenType fonts. So they work a bit differently.

I’m not sure where the ‘Akternates’ are coming from. In OpenType, they are called Stylistic set and those seem to work.

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