Features request

Hi there,

I’ve been using Glyphs on a daily basis for a while and am more than happy with what I get.

Two (maybe not that) small features what I miss the most are

Flipping the preview vertically is a good idea. I’ll file a feature request.

The TTFs are pretty good already, but we cannot guarantee anything yet. You will have to do your own testing. A possible alternative is OTF to TTF conversion with the fontforge terminal command.

There are some things I like to add to the preview. This will add to the list.

Great, thanks!

I’ve always been reluctant to install FontForge but gonna give it a try then.

The problem with the .ttfs from Glyphs is mainly that TrueType fonts without instructions are quite useless. So you need to add them with some other software. one option is to manually do the instructions in FontLab or VTT or use ttfautohint. All this options will generate proper .ttf files. So you should be able to ignore the the “experimental” label for now.

just an idea:

how about highlighting somehow, if a glyph is set to sidebearings from another glyph, but off that value.

this happens not too seldomly. i know to enable the »update metrics« and all is fine. but it would be nice, to have the SB value saying, that sth is wrong. or?

PS.: chrome has some trouble with this forum, keeping me logged in, when i go via the search)