Figures in the contextual alternates feature

Hey everyone,

I’m looking for help as I have discovered some issues when using the contextual alternates feature. Among other code, I have written the following:

sub [A.alt B.alt C.alt D.alt E.alt F.alt G.alt H.alt I.alt J.alt K.alt L.alt M.alt N.alt O.alt P.alt Q.alt R.alt S.alt T.alt U.alt V.alt W.alt X.alt Y.alt Z.alt @uppercase zero.lf one.lf two.lf three.lf four.lf five.lf six.lf seven.lf eight.lf nine.lf three four five seven nine] [period comma ellipsis]’ by [period.alt2 comma.alt2 ellipsis.alt];

No problems with the letters – when I type an uppercase letter and a period/comma/ellipsis in Illustrator, the alternate form appears, like I have it intended to.

Figures act quite differently, though. I need to switch them to “all caps” mode first in order to let the alternate forms of period/comma/ellipsis appear. Although the code is written in the calt feature, figures act like I would have written these lines in the case feature.

What is wrong about my code?

Best regards

Are you sure you have the normal figures in your context by the time the future is executed? Maybe an other feature substitutes them to something else?

Thank you, Georg, you were right! For testing purposes, I‘ve shifted the position of the lnum, onum and frac feature to the top of the feature list and: tadaaaa, now it‘s working fine!

By the way, is there any recommendation on how to arrange the features properly?

The order of the features depend on the code. E.g., liga should come after small caps, and stylistic set are one of the last features. Locl is better if at the beginning.

:smiley: Thank you!