Filled editing

I’ve got a few requests from my colleague. One is filled view option during editing. The other is perhaps easier. The “Assign Background…” menu takes outlines from other opening files but he noticed it doesn’t take metrics too. Could you make it do that?

I totally second that. I don’t think it is the Align Background command but simply that the background does not have its own advance width. I think it should.

Should the preview auto close open paths?
I could write a plugin for that.

How about this?

Thanks! But it crashes right after I start the app.

I have a question of how you think it should behave. I recently changed that the LSB of the background is linked with the foreground. Meaning that if you change the LSB, the outline in the background moves along. This would not be useful if the background has its own width. Also if it has its own spacing, the edit view would reflow if you switch to the background (that it the main reason I linked the width).

Also, what would be the initial width of the background?

I yesterday thought about a solution.
It would sync the spacing if you us the “Selection to Background” command but would keep its width if imported from another font (switching to sync as soon as you use use “Selection to Background”).

I cannot reproduce it. Which OS X version, and which Glyphs version are you using? Anything in the Console?

I also had the same immediate crash upon relaunching Glyphs after installing ShowFilledPreview. I’m running v 1.3.17 (429) on OS 10.8.5.

doe sit also crash if you use the other plugin from Rainer?

The crash is quite obscure and we could not figure it out yet. In the mean time please use this plugin that I just made using ObjectivC and not Python as the one from Rainer.

no crash on mavericks so far. also for the show angled handles. these both are extremely nice, dudes!

Can you try and update Glyphs? Your OS supports the latest version of the app.

Immediate crash on my system:
Mac OS X 10.9.1 (Czech version), Glyphs Version 1.4.3
Both plugins cause crash: ShowAngledHandles and ShowFilledPreview