Filter for script subcategories

Hi, I want to create a filter to show only glyphs from, e. g., Latin Western European. Is this possible? I can only set a filter by script, not by script subcategory/character set.

Adding a list filter would pose the same problem: In the end, I want to have a filter that has all Western European .sc glyphs. Adding the names line by line would be rather annoying and it would be far more elegant to solve it with two simple filters (Character set is Western European, Subcategory is Small Caps).

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Though there’s not currently a way to specify one of the pre-defined languages section lists as part of a Smart Filter predicate, you should be able to partially get there with:

  • All of the following are true:
    • Script is Latin
    • Case is Smallcaps

Hope that helps some.

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Yes, I am aware of this. The issue is, though, that I want to specifically differentiate between all Latin .sc glyphs and the ones only in (e. .g.) Western European. Use case: I want to create a Keep Glyphs parameter for webfont export and need a line-by-line list of all glyphs, including (in my case) .sc glyphs for WE. Oh well, I ran it through some Python stuff to generate the list for copy-pasting, but it’s a shame it’s not possible as a filter in Glyphs.

Thank you very much for your input!

Filtering by sidebar categories would not help much. Because those are name based and you are asking for: All glyphs from that list BUT with an extra “.sc” suffix. That is a bit much to ask from a predicate.