Filter list – vanished

I’ve opened Glyphs today and all my filters have vanished. Any ideas how this may have occured and how I can get them back?


I’ve opened another .glyphs file and the filters have reappeared but there is a’floating’ ‘s’ which contains the filters and I can hide it. Not sure how this appeared. Is it the Add Folder option? If so how do I change the name, move filters in and out, add a New Folder (the Add Folder dose nothing), or delete it?

I think there are some special characters in your CustomFilter.plist that break the parsing of it. Can you send me that file? Here is how you access it:

  • Script > Open Script Folder
  • Next to Scripts folders etc., there should be a CustomFilter.plist

Or you have a local filters file that is next to the second file?

I think it was a hang over from installing (and removing) the ‘Filter List Manager’ plugin