Filters panel bug?


I’ve noticed a strange behavior of List Filter. I created a new list filter with a name A-Z and it is inactive and displaced.

I cannot delete it. Newly created filters are also inactive - they can’t be selected.

I suppose it is because of a hyphen in a name of a filter…

Seems like your right. Using the name ‘A-Z’ causes that behavior.

Quick fix: Open CustomFilter.plist in ~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/ with a text editor. Look for ‘A-Z’ and replace it by ‘AtoZ’. Save the file, restart Glyphs.

Worked for me.

Yes. Thanks.

Also two uppercase letters next to each other like AB make that error…

If an entry in the list has only upper case, it is considered a group header, is rendered differently and is not selectable. I will have a look at it.