Filters persist & are deleted across projects

Using v2 (698). I created some smart filters for a small Japanese project to help me keep track of stuff. I then start a new Roman project and see that the old filters are carried over. I don’t need these old filters in my new project so I delete them. Then I return to my old project (i.e. open its Glyphs file) and see that its filters are now gone.

I can see the values of filters persisting across project if one regularly uses them for the same tasks in similar projects. So maybe this part is not a bug but a feature. But deleting filters in one project (because they’re not relevant in that specific context) and then seeing them deleted in all projects probably is a bug. Maybe it’s best if smart filters are project specific?

Filters are stored in the App settings, not per document.

I do think being able to have (some) filters attached to the document would be useful. Quite a few of my list filters are really only applicable to one glyphs file, and just clutter things up when viewing others.

I'm working on it, but it is a bigger operation that I have time for right now.

In case implementing folder/grouping of lists may be easier, perhaps that can be an interim solution? Then, one could collapse clusters of lists when not in use.

Of course, I’m selfishly motivated in that I may have 64+ filter lists for some upcoming projects, per feature request id 347. I’d still find the grouping feature useful even with per-document filters/lists.

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