Find and Replace Components Crashes Glyphs 3

Hi Rainer (@mekkablue), I’m having trouble getting the Find and Replace Components from your script to not crash Glyphs 3. Every time I try to just open the script panel it crashes. Any thoughts?

hi @kirkw102,

On my computer the script works. In order to make it work for you I will need you to do some things:

First question:
Have you updated Glyphs 3 to the latest build? (Glyphs > Check for Updates…)

Second question:
have you updated mekkablue scripts?
If no, then go to Window > Plugin Manager, go to Scripts tab, and scroll until you see mekkablue Scripts. Use install or remove button to reinsall, and therefore update the scripts.

Third question:
could you send output from the macro panel? and the Glyphs build version that you are using?

For the macro panel output:

  1. go to Window > Macro Panel
  2. hit “clear” button
  3. try to run Find and Replace Components
  4. if something appears in the macro panel’s output, please copy it and paste here

Fir the Glyphs build version:

  1. go to Glyphs > about Glyphs
  2. in lower left corner you should have something similar to this: 3.0.4 (3092). Please, copy paste it here